This is a list of cards that have been revealed for Hex so far. It includes all cards in this wiki. Please report or update any missing cards or links.


All Cards

By ShardEdit

Blood | Diamond | Ruby | Sapphire | Wild

By TypeEdit

Actions (Quick) | Actions (Basic) | Artifacts | Constants | Troops

By RarityEdit

Legendary | Rare | Uncommon | Common | Token | Promo

By FactionEdit

Ardent | Underworld

By RaceEdit

CoyotleElvesHumans | Orcs | Dwarves | Necrotic | Shin'hare | Vennen

By KeywordEdit

CrushInspire | Flight | Lifedrain | Steadfast | Spellshield | Rage | Defensive | Speed | Swiftstrike | Escalation | With Sockets

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