Anatomy Of A CardEdit

A HEX card has some or all of the components shown below. We asked Zoltog the orc ranger to pose for this demonstration, and he has graciously agreed.


  1. Name: The name of the card.
  2. Cost: How many resources you need to play this card. For Zoltog, you need 4 resources.
  3. Threshold. The threshold you need to play this card. In the case of Zoltog, you need a Ruby threshold of 2.
  4. Card Type: This will tell you if a card is a Troop, Action, Constant, or Artifact. Zoltog is a Troop.
  5. Doubleback Icon: Click this icon to access the card’s double back to see your achievements, trophies, card level, and other information.
  6. Traits: Describes the race and class of troops.
  7. Restriction: You’ll find card restrictions here. If a card is Unique, each player may only have 1 of that particular card in play. Any others must be immediately sent to the graveyard.
  8. Faction: Some troops belong to the Ardent or Underworld factions. Zoltog is an orc, so he belongs to the Ardent alliance.
  9. Game Text: Outside of Attack and Defense, you’ll find out what else the card does in this box. Zoltog is a fierce commander, inspiring Savage Raiders to join his group any time one of his fellow orcs deals damage to the opposing Champion.
  10. Lore Text: Each card is a glimpse into the bigger world of Entrath, and the lore text lets you know how the card fits into the game’s fantasy setting.
  11. Attack: When attacking or blocking, a troop deals damage based on his attack. Zoltog has an attack of 3.
  12. Defense: A troop can only take so much damage before it goes to the graveyard. Should a troop take damage equal to or greater than its defense, it dies. Zoltog has 4 defense.
  13. Collector / Rarity Info: The card will display its rarity, set number, as well as card number within the set.[1]


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