In HEX, there are five general types of cards: Constant, Artifact, Troop, Resource, Action


Constant cards are like actions (see below), but the effects of a Constant card stay in play, as opposed to going directly to the graveyard.


Loved by dwarves in particular, Artifacts are artificial creations crafted by the inhabitants of Entrath. Artifacts can be robot troops designed for battle or a cauldron ready for a witch’s brew.


Troops do the grunt work in HEX. Troops can attack, block, and use powers to defeat the opponent. When you play a troop, it enters play and stays in play until destroyed.


When you play a Resource card, you gain a resource point, a threshold based on that source, and one charge point. In the above example, playing the Ruby Source gives you one resource point, one Ruby threshold, and one charge point on your Champion.


Your Champion can use Actions to buff their troops, attack the opposing Champion, or defend against other Actions. Basic Actions can only be used during your turn, but Quick Actions can be used at any time. When you play an action and resolve its effect, it goes into the graveyard.[1]


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