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Claw of the Mountain God
Card Name Claw of the Mountain God
Card Type / Traits Troop / Orc Warrior
Cost 3
Threshold 1 Blood
Attack / Defense 2 / 2
Faction Ardent
Race Orc
Rarity Uncommon
Card Effect
This and other Orcs you control have Rage 1. (When they attack, they get permanent +1Attack/+0Defense.)
Card Lore
"The blood of the unworthy that drips from my claws shall feed you, Kog'Tepetl. For your glory I swear it."
TheBloodyCestus The Bloody Cestus (Rare)

Discard an Orc: Deal 2 damage to target champion.
BreastplateOfRegen Kog 'Tepetl's Breastplate of Regeneration (Legendary)

When this troop deals damage to an opposing champion, draw a card, then choose and discard a card.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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