Diamond Magic is represented in the Hex TCG through use of a Diamond Source Basic Resource Card. Playing this card will provide one Resource Points and one Diamond Threshold.

Diamond gems are used to provide protection and fortitude to those who know how to unlock their power. Those who study Diamond gems can use them to heal the wounded, shield themselves from destructive magic, and have the steadfastness to persevere in the face of a relentless enemy. Humans use Diamond gems extensively to inspire each other to glory. The coyotle use diamonds to help them commune with the ghosts of their ancestors, and the necrotic have experimented with diamonds to try and make themselves invincible (and possibly immortal).

Many Diamond cards stall the opponent and pacify their aggression. Diamonds also excel at defensive combat, so watch out if the opponent has resources left over and is playing Diamond. Healing, large blocking troops to slow the opponent, combat tricks, and locking-down opposing troops are all part of Diamond’s game plan.[1]




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