The meteor, now moon, known as Hex.

A massive crystalline meteor hit Entrath near its northern terrestrial pole. It struck with such force that it traveled  through the core of the planet and out the other side, creating two massive volcanoes that still exist at Entrath’s axes of rotation. After exiting the opposite end of the planet, gravity captured the meteor before it could continue its space-bound trajectory. It now appears to be a permanent satellite. 

What seemed at first to be a potentially world-ending calamity actually became the defining moment of Entrath’s future existence. When the meteor hit, most of its outer core shattered into countless gems that were scattered throughout the surface and underworld of Entrath.

The mortal races that managed to survive the collision event referred to the meteor as Hex, and the precious stones that broke off of it as Hexing Gems. It was quickly discovered that the gems had a strange power of their own. Unlike the rare and secretive practitioners of wild or blood magic, nearly anyone could extract potent sorcery from the Hexing Gems with study and practice.[1]


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