Junkyard Dog Dungeon

Comprised primarily of outcasts, rejects, and maniacs, the Scraptooth Clan has made the Great Machine Graveyard their new home. Lead by the conniving and ruthless chieftain Scutt, this vicious band of rabid gnolls blindly follow their alpha dog without hesitation or question. Scutt has provided them with something that many of them were missing, and in return they have given him their unflinching loyalty as his minions.

Many of them would be perfectly content chasing their own tails all day or digging holes in the ground chasing squirrels, sometimes foolishly even chasing a squirrel titan only to get squished underfoot (a squirrel is a squirrel after all).

All of this begs the question, just what are the Scraptooth clan doing in the Great Machine Graveyard and why do you need to stop them? Scutt has become mad with power and is convinced that the scraps and trash left in the graveyard will provide his minions with the strength they need to challenge any Ardent or Underworld forces that stand in his way.

Now, Scutt’s dreams of world conquest may be a bit misplaced, but the Ardent has been finding a number of robot parts scattered in their lands and the Underworld certainly doesnt want anyone messing with their technology, so its up to you to set things right and remove Scutt from his self-appointed seat of power.

The Great Machine Graveyard isnt a particularly safe place. Having the Scraptooth Clan running around with their makeshift armor and weapons certainly isnt going to make it any easier to navigate the towering mounds of junk and machinery that litter the graveyard.

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