Sapphire Magic is represented in the Hex TCG through use of a Sapphire Source Basic Resource Card. Playing this card will provide one Resource Points and one Sapphire Threshold.

Sapphires are the most mysterious of the Hexing Gems. The power of a Sapphire is profoundly difficult to master, but can yield some of the most potent effects available to a mortal. Sapphires are used to manipulate the most fundamental laws of the universe, bending time and reality. Humans use sapphires to try and out-strategize their opponents, and the coyotle use them to bolster their pack-hunting abilities. Dwarves use sapphires in many of their machines and bots, and the necrotic use them to greatly enhance their exceptional intellect.

Sapphire is the gem of trickery. These gems rely heavily on using actions to lead them to victory. Sapphire has access to drawing cards, manipulating the opponent’s troops, interrupting the opponent’s cards, and depleting the opponent’s deck. Most Sapphire troops are a little weaker than troops of other shards, but they make up for it with their abilities and keywords. Sapphire gems work together to be greater than the sum of their parts, and effect the game in unique ways.[1]




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