Wild Magic is represented in the Hex TCG through use of a Wild Source Basic Resource Card. Playing this card will provide one Resource Points and one Wild Threshold.


Wild Magic is the oldest form of magic on Entrath. It is believed that Wild Magic originated in the inner forests of the Feralroot Woods, coming into existence as a byproduct of the elves emerging from the Genesis Pool. While the elves are the living embodiment of Wild Magic, a number of other races have attempted to master its raw power, including the aggressive shin’hare and the meditative coyotle.

When playing with Wild Magic, you’ll command nature as a force by using the beasts of the wild, increasing their size, giving birth to new life, and prolonging existing life. Not only will you be able to put cards into play, but make those cards multiply during the game and adding them into your deck, your opponent’s deck, hand, or discard pile.[1]

See Category:Wild Threshold




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